Refund Policy

Dissertation Camp understands that there can be situations in which customer might not be happy with the order, and would want a complete refund of it. Our main aim is to provide finest services; however, there can be some lacking from our side which can lead to customer dissatisfaction. For this purpose, we have created refund policies for our customers to go through and understand that for us, money is important but not more than customer satisfaction.

  • When a customer requests for are fund due to compliance not being met, the quality assurance department looks into the matter.
    o If there is time, the customer will be assigned a new experienced writer to work on the order from scratch and complete it successfully.
    o If there is no time, the quality assurance in collaboration with billing department decides the amount to be refunded. In some cases, a complete refund takes place.
  • In case, the customer is charged twice the payment for the order, then he can inform the customer support about. The management of Dissertation Camp will immediately revert back the half amount back to the customers’ account.
  • If the paper is found to contain plagiarism, the customer must submit his own report as a proof and the QA department will immediately take notice of such a situation. With discussion between the customer and QA department representative, there fund amount will be decided and processed.
  • If we fail to meet your deadline and do not deliver the paper, you automatically become eligible for are fund after a discussion with our customer support.
  • If the compliance of the paper is extremely poor, the customer becomes eligible for are fund.