Terms and Conditions

We thank you for using our service, Dissertation Camp. We have worked really hard and are constantly working hard to provide you with the best of academic writing services available in the whole of UK. We recommend you to read our below-stated terms and conditions before you start using any of our services.
Terms Of Use

• Kindly note that terms and conditions become applicable as soon as the customer makes the payment and order are accepted by him.

• It is important to note that any writing and editing services you use from us should be used solely by you only. You are in no way allowed to use any document that is prepared by our writers for any kind of commercial purposes. If we have not given you any kind of written permission, then you are not allowed to distribute or display the content of the academic paper delivered to you for any kind of sales promotion. The customer must abide by the above-set rules or else it will be termed as a breach of contract. The contract between customer and company will be terminated and legal action will be taken against the customer.

• The papers delivered by us are solely for reference purposes. This means that the student should submit the document as their assignment in university. In such circumstances, the student will be responsible for any consequences and the company holds no responsibility of such.

• We strongly urge our customers to go through the paper within seven days of receiving the paper for any kind of issue. With our customer support available 24/7, the customer can log on to our site anytime within the seven days and lodge a complaint with the customer support regarding the paper. However, if the customer does not revert back within seven days, then it would mean that the customer is happy with the paper and no complaints will be entertained after seven days of receiving the paper.